23 August 2018

About us

Stopnader.com is a fairly fresh company in the industry. We are a company that encodes different types of programs for corporations but also for small enterprises. In 2017, we called a team looking for interesting ideas and that’s how the idea for creating this online generator came about.

The mission of the company

We want to help poor players as well as those who damage the money to buy items in the game and would like to take advantage of all the features of the game. In 2018, there was an idea for this project which we are developing to this day. With the players in mind, we’re constantly improving our amazing tool to add new features and speed up the action. In June, we added a feature that allows you to add unlimited resources to user accounts. Thanks to this feature without limits, each of you can generate an infinite number of Coins and Cash.

Company plans

We plan to continuously improve our tool by adding new features that allow for example: generating items, characters. We want to improve our system to neutralize DDoS attacks and abuse by other players.