8 Ball Pool: Ranking System

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8 Ball Pool: Ranking System

8 Ball Pool applies a ranking system based on three elements: experience(XP) points, level, and rank itself. These elements reciprocally rank your play on 8 Ball Pool. The ranking system is a way to keep you engaged with 8 Ball Pool gameplay. Miniclip has a wider but not too complex ranking system which is actually used to manage its game modes especially the tournament mode. Let’s have a look at how does ranking system work in the 8 Ball Pool.

Experience Points(XP)

XP is actually a valuable currency in the 8 Ball Pool gameplay. XP is acquired through the gameplay in a fair system. You can certainly obtain XP whenever you win lose a pool match. Of course, winning a fight would reward you more XP than losing it. The XP system encourages players to improve their skills and grind more activities in the Shadow Fight 2 gameplay.


The leveling system in 8 Ball Pool gameplay is based on the XP you’ve obtained. the XP gained from the activities will determine your level. It works like a bar progress system. The level is classified by the XP should be earned to progress which is actually different for each stage and level(increase). For example, it requires a shorter time level up from level 1 to level 2 but takes a longer time to progress up to level 3, and so on.


Rank is actually a symbol or grade to name certain scopes of levels. In short, your rank(name) is determined by your level progress. Certain ranks are given for certain levels including Beginner for level 1-2, Student for level 3-5, Amateur for level 10-14, Hustler for 15-20, Semi-Pro for level 21-27, Professional for level 28-35, Virtuoso for level 36-44, Expert for level 45-54, Veteran for level 55-65, Master for level 66-77, Grand Master for level 78-90, Ace for level 91-104, Superstar for level 105-119, King for level 120-136, and Pool Emperor for level 137-150. It should be noted that level represents the scope of levels, not the level itself. For example, if you’re in level 46, then you’re an Expert just like those who’re in level 54.

Does it matter? Yes, it does but not crucial. You’re able to unlock brand new 1 on 1 matches as well as tournament if you’ve reached the higher ranks. However, it also should be noted that higher grade tournaments require more coins to enter for the bigger prize. Above all, joining a higher tournament at the moment you’ve reached a higher rank, is the chance to get a better competition.

In other hands, you can enjoy the 8 Ball Pool without worrying ranks. One of the eligible ways to do it is by challenging your friends in multiplayer modes. In this mode, you can compete without limits. You can freely challenge your friends from any level. It’s totally different from the tournament modes where the system collects the players with similar ranks to have a match against each other. So, if you get tired with rank targets, just challenge your friend for a fresh and friendly pool match.

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