8 Ball Pool New Update Review

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8 Ball Pool New Update Review


Even in 8 Ball Pool gameplay, you have a limited time to take the shot. However, in 8 Ball Pool, it’s determined by your cue’s attribute called Time. The higher Time means the longer time you have to perform the shots in your turn. It seems the higher category of cue has more Time bars for sure. Once your time is running out, your opponent will take the turn with the ball in hand for sure. To some extent, pro-players won’t get bothered with these attributes but certainly provide any player a wider chance in the 8 Ball Pool gameplay.

Try different types of cues and get your own favorite, it’s okay to collect several cues to help you in the different games. These attributes are shown with the bar, so it’s not literally the “number” as the quantity. Premium cues are certainly the best ones, but you don’t necessarily need them at your initial stage.


You may find some tricks or methods to unlock the Victory Cues. Unfortunately, there is no way unlocking the Victory Cues without Victory Boxes, at least officially. It’s because the Victory Cues are officially available through the Victory Boxes only. What you need to do is winning the matches and remember, it’s not only about completing but also winning them. It’s very enjoyable to collect the piece of Victory Cues and use them to improve your performance in 8 Ball Pool gameplay.

Victory Box Slots

Slots are the amount of the Victory Boxes you can save at the same time. You’re allowed to save four Victory Boxes. So, it’s unfortunate that you can’t bring more than that. When you get four boxes, it’s impossible to obtain another box until the existing boxes are unlocked and free the slots. If you want to obtain more Victory Boxes you need to take a break of playing the matches until the existing boxes are open or you can spend Pool Cash to unlock them earlier.

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  1. The game is best in the world this game is favourite for my family hope I will gain coins in my account

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