8 Ball Pool Mini Games

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8 Ball Pool Mini Games

8 Ball Pool has adorable mini-games which are quite addicting. Despite their interesting gameplay and contribution to killing the time, Mini-games are the considerable resources of coins, cards, spins, cues, and other rewards. it’s already a familiar behavior among the 8 Ball Pool players to drill in mini-games. You’ll be surprised at how many rewards you can get from these mini-games.

At least, there are three Mini Games in 8 Ball Pool including the Spin and Win, Scratch and Win, and Hi-Lo. Each mini-game has its own rule and gameplay, they’re even not a pool game.

Spin and Win Mini Game

The Spin and Win allows you to spin the level and get the chances of getting coins, cash, scratch cards, and even the Cue. Each player has one free spin in the Spin and Win every day. The greater the chances of this mini-game is providing you with a considerable amount of currencies. A free spin per day keeps the player log in to the game and put his luck on the lever. Don’t surrender if you get small rewards just get back tomorrow with new luck.

Getting the Lucky 8 cue is the major concern in the Spin and Win while getting more spins is also an eligible experience. This cue will improve your performance in the 8 Ball Pool gameplay for sure. You can get up to three more spins which allows you to spin the lever three more times and get more rewards. Of course, your luck plays a dominant role beside the game’s algorithm, but Spin and Win won’t make you losing anything. You can get from one coin up to 50,000 pool coins, up to 10 scratch cards, and Lucky 8 Cue from Spin.

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Scratch and Win Mini Game

Scratch and Win mini-game are very popular among the 8 Ball Pool players. The gameplay is pretty much like the slot machine but without rolling the sets of the image and you’ll have to match three cards. You need to scratch the covered cards and reveal the nominal on them. Once you get the matches, you’ll get the coins exactly the same with the number manifested on the matched cards. Playing the scratch and Win allows you to get the significant amount of pool coins up to 250,000. You can get the Scratch and Win ticket from Spin and Win or by purchasing it with pool cash.

Hi-Lo Mini Game

Hi-Lo is another jackpot-based mini-game where the gameplay is predicting whether the upcoming ball is going to be lower or higher than the default one. The top prize is another 250,000 pool coins and if you’re lucky enough, there will be one million pool coins as the grand prize. Unfortunately, there is no chance to play Hi-Lo for free at anyway by far. You’ll have to spend a certain amount of pool cash for Hi-Lo fee entrance. However, investing Hi-Lo mini-game is very reasonable considering the prizes. The lowest prize is 500 coins, the choice of mini-games is yours.

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