8 Ball Pool Currency: Pool Cash

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8 Ball Pool Currency: Pool Cash

8 Ball Pool Cash is considered a premium currency valid on the 8 Ball Pool universe. It has some differences with the pool coins mostly in functions and how you earn it. 8 Ball Pool Cash is harder to acquire than the pool coins. Miniclip makes a tighter system for Pool Cash in the 8 Ball Pool universe. In other hands, some amenities are redeemable with the Pool Cash including some types of cues.

Pool Cash is used to pay the entrance fee to mini-games. You can get the pool coins in many ways through the 8 Ball Pool game modes. However. there are only a few ways you can acquire Pool Cash in the 8 Ball Pool. It’s either a lot of efforts, time and even money.

Here are the possible ways you can acquire the Pool Cash in 8 Ball Pool game:

1. Level Up

The major effort of earning the 8 Ball Pool Cash is by leveling up. You can simply join the tournaments and/or complete the quick matches. Leveling up isn’t an actual method yet the source of earning 8 ball pool coins as you can get it as the rewards. You shouldn’t rely your wishes on this way. It takes a lot of time to acquire the 8 Ball Pool Cash through leveling up for sure. However, you can see it form the positive way, you will need to improve your progress in 8 Ball Pool and there is nothing to lose.

2. In-App Purchases

Another eligible way to obtain Pool Cash is by purchasing them with real money through in-app purchases. Miniclip offers pool cash packages through in-app purchases. This way, you can bank more pool cash to your account right after you complete the checkout. In-purchases eliminate inefficiency issues since you don’t have to progress up to earn the cash. However, the prices are a little bit expensive at the normal state. Fortunately, there are limited offers of pool cash packages by Miniclip but you need to stay tuned on 8 Ball Pool to get the best deals. There is also a chance where Miniclip give away the pool cash.

3. Generator Tools and Hacks

These methods are actually not advisable since they violate the rules of free Cash and Coins with our 8 Ball Pool hack and they’re unofficial methods with big potentials of frauds, scams, and fails. Most of these methods are promoted based on the exaggerating claims on their effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is no convincing confirmation about how these tools and methods can actually work. There is no guarantee about your Pool Cash would be transferred to your account. Besides, the safest transactions can be obtained only through Miniclip’s official in-app purchases. A more in-depth research would be required if you insist to try these methods.

It seems that purchasing the Pool Cash with real money through in-app purchases is the most reliable way. Leveling up can provide you with a very limited amount of Pool Cash, but you can keep it going as the part of the gameplay. Consider what you need before investing real money for Pool Cash and importantly, manage your finance.

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