8 Ball Pool Cue Attributes

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8 Ball Pool Cue Attributes

It’s been four years since the cues have been one of the main elements in the 8 Ball Pool elements for sure. Since then, a more rigid categorization and stats have been brought to the 8 Ball Pool and provide a wider option for the players. Due to its variations, Cues have improved the 8 Ball Pool gameplay and player’s game experiences.

Today, 8 Ball Pool has 146 in total which is categorized into three major types of cue: standard cues(54), country cues(60), and premium cue(32). Each cue comes with its own shapes, designs, sizes, statistic, and design. However, the statistic is the cue’s element which significantly affects your game experiences. The cost of the cues ranges from the lowest ones and the most expensive ones(Galaxy Cue andBlakc Hole Cue). Some cues not only requires currency to unlock but also the participation in certain leagues or championship.

The Cues in 8 Ball Pool are defined with four attributes including the Force, Spin, Time and Aim. These attributes play similar roles with the statistics which tightly affect the performance of the cues.


Force is the cue attribute which determines the power of your hits upon the cueballs. So, if you need a more powerful victory cue in the 8 Ball Pool gameplay, then you should pick the one with the higher number of Force attribute.


When you’re taking a shot, there will be the aim-line which help you to accurately aim the balls with your cue. Aim attribute actually determines the length of this line which is very helpful to produce a more accurate shot in the 8 Ball Pool gameplay. The higher number of Aim attribute means the longer aim-line which allows you to aim your shots more easily.


This attribute is very unique since it determines the number of spins you can produce with your shots. The more spins of your cues, the more spins the balls can perform.  When choosing the cues, you may consider Spin attribute closely with the Force attribute. Depending on your play style, these two attribute collaboratively affects your control both on the cue and the balls.

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