8 Ball Pool Amenities: the Victory Boxes

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8 Ball Pool Amenities: the Victory Boxes

If you’re playing the newest version of 8 Ball Pool, you’ll soon find the Victory Boxes. Commonly, Victory Boxes can be acquired as you win the pool matches through the game modes. The Victory Boxes literally reward your victories in the 8 Ball Pool tiers. This article informs you with things you should know about the Victory Boxes.

Types of Victory Boxes

Once you’ve obtained a victory box, they would be in the state of unlocked. You reveal what inside the box is until it’s unlocked. There are only two ways to unlock the Victory Boxes. You can either pay with Pool Cash or wait for it to open by the default time which depends on the types of your victory boxes.

There are three types of victory boxes including Pro, Elite, and Champion. You can unlock the Pro Victory Boxes within three hours. In other hands, the Elite and Champion Boxes need eight and twelve hours to unlock. They have different contents and rarities depending where you obtain them. You don’t necessarily spend you Pool Cash to unlock the Victory Boxes. Simply continue your playing and let the clock ticking by itself.

Possible Contents

Victory Boxes in 8 Ball Pool are pretty much like the chests in other players but with the unlocking timer. It contains various prizes including Pool coins, Victory Cues, Collection Cues(very rare), free entrances to mini-games. These contents would vary in amount, size, and type depending on where you obtain the Victory Boxes. It seems that the higher tier provides you with a bigger reward inside the Victory Boxes. The most unique content could be the Victory Cues which are very functional and upgradable. Victory Cues can’t be redeemed by coins as they’re only available on the Victory Boxes.

How to Acquire Victory Boxes

As previously mentioned, that you can acquire the Victory Boxes through playing the matches including challenging your friends. There is no certain content in the Victory Boxes except the ones you obtain from the Tournaments. Those Victory Boxes always contain full cues instead of pieces of a cue, so you can use it right away. However, you need to ensure winning the matches to obtain the Victory Boxes. It’s quite fair since even the Bet amount won’t determine types of the Victory Boxes, only winning the matches which do. These boxes can’t be purchased, you can use Pool Cash only for unlocking them.

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