8 Ball Pool: 9 Ball Multiplayer Mode

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8 Ball Pool: 9 Ball Multiplayer Mode

It’s no longer about the 8 Ball Pool, Miniclip has responded demand on a wider mode. This time, 9 ball lovers who are pampered as Miniclip add 9 Ball mode in 8 Ball Pool which is available for both iOS and Android devices. As you might have known, that the mode had been issued following the demands of player communities. It takes some time for Miniclip to finalize the decision and manifest 9 Ball Mode in Ball Pool.


9 Ball Mode is multiplayer games which apply standard 9 Ball rule. You should pot the nine pool balls in numerical order after the break, 1-9. The game is ended by any player who legally pots the ball number 9, he/she also win the game. Despite potting it based on the table, you can certainly pot 9 balls anytime after the breaking as long as you apply the combination shot. Ensure that you don’t directly shoot the 9 balls in combination shoot, take a hit in the default ball first to flick it. Once you’ve potted 9 balls, you’re the winner. Since it’s a multiplayer game, a fast-paced atmosphere couldn’t be avoided, you’re better ready for it.

The gameplay of the 9 balls is asynchronous. You’ll take the turn and stay there until you miss to pot the default ball or legally pot the 9 balls. Your opponent will take their turn by continuing to pot the rest of the ball. The power of shots, angles, and proximity are at your own discretion. What would be more enjoyable is that 9 ball multiplayer allows you to get a pure game. Even though it’s the virtual one since you don’t have to spend any coins like in other game modes. It’s just fun and somehow thrilling depending on with who you’re playing the 9 balls.


If you’re playing the 8 Ball Pool for a while then you should agree that the presence of 9 Ball mode enhances the game experience. The multiplayer mode itself offers an addictive element to the gameplay. Miniclip also put social features on the multiplayer mode like messaging feature. Inviting your Friends for 9 Ball Mode.

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Playing with Friends

Playing with your friends is always fun, why don’t you invite more friends to play 9 Ball game in 8 Ball Pool. You can either contact them and set a fast appointment to join the multiplayer games with you. Of course, you need to ensure that the 8 Ball Pool should be installed in your friend’s devices first. For iOS users, you can even send you’re a challenge to your friends via message app. It’s also interesting to have a conversation during the gameplay.

Speaking of social aspects, the 9 Ball multiplayer mode also comes along with friend list system updates. The gameplay will show active friends on the top so you can have more chances of your challenges accepted by them. A lifetime scoreboard is also available for your multiplayer matches with friends. Be fair on the game and ready for any challenges sent to you.

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